Conservancy receives $750,000 grant

Priority will be given to property that has rare or endangered species

A federal grant for $750,000 will allow the Western Reserve Conservancy to purchase conservation easements on 1,000 acres of land in the southern portion of Ashtabula County, said Brett Rodstrum vice president of eastern operations for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy. Continue reading


Massive Algal Blooms Could be Cleaned Up and Used as Biofuels and Fertilizers

Scientists may have found a way to clean up algal blooms and turn them into useful products. This image shows algae in lake Erie. (Photo : NASA Earth Observatory)

With warmer temperatures, algal blooms from fertilizer runoff can become a major problem, destroying aquatic life and clogging rivers and lakes. Now, though, scientists may have found a way to clean up these environmental hazards and turn them into useful products. Algae could one day act as a biofuel and even fertilize farms. Continue reading