Sandusky seeks to treat more wastewater

$800,000 project could wrap up by year’s end

A planned upgrade at a Sandusky plant aims to reduce pollutants dumped into Lake Erie.

Register photo / ANDY OURIEL Sandusky officials want to upgrade the city’s wastewater treatment facility so it can process and treat more water, thus dumping less pollutants in the lake.

With information provided by city engineer Aaron Klein, here’s a quick cheat sheet on the proposed upgrades:

• Where: At Sandusky’s wastewater treatment plant on Harrison Street.

• What: To increase the plant’s maximum capacity of how much water it can process each day. Plans call for processing 48 million gallons per day, up from 42 million gallons a day today.

• When: If everything goes to plan, the new system should be operational by year’s end.

• How much: About $800,000, when factoring in design and construction work. The money’s coming from a city sewer account.

• Why: “This will allow the city to process more wastewater through the facility,” Klein said. “If we do this, we can send less wastewater to the bay. It will be better for the environment.”

• Other upgrades: “The wastewater treatment plant has completed two major, multimillion-dollar improvement phases over the past 12 years to allow for expansion and treatment of additional water,” Klein said. “The proposed expansion project will hopefully be the last major improvement at the plant itself. There will, of course, be maintenance projects, but I don’t foresee any expansion projects at the treatment plant unless EPA changes (its) requirements again.”

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