Binational Concerns

For Concerns outside of the US and Canada, see International concerns.

US Concerns:

Newtown Creek, NY

This creek dividing the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens has a whole slew of toxic problems, which of course means blooms of algae crop up now and then as well.  Many different types of blooms have occurred, and not a lot is understood about them due to the toxic fluctuations in the creek.

Long Island, NY

The following video is by CBS News.

Article: Massive Fish Kill on Long Island (MYFOXNY)

“The nitrogen levels in our waters are increasing from our sanitary septic systems, lawn fertilizers. It’s basically nitrogen overload is causing these chronic algal blooms to occur. And you have the collateral damage of fish kills and turtle kills.”


Article: Five Kansas lakes have algae blooms (The Hutchinson News)

“The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says warnings for blue-green algae have been issued for Chisolm Creek Park Lake in Sedgwick County, Lovewell State Park Lake in Jewell County, Marion Reservoir in Marion County, Memorial Park Lake in Barton County and Norton Lake in Norton County.”

West Coast

Article: Toxic algae bloom might be the largest ever (The Seattle Times)

“Scientists onboard a NOAA research vessel are beginning a survey of what could be the largest toxic algae bloom ever recorded off the West Coast.”

Additional Information

separate-toxic-algae-reports-per-state-may-2013-sep-2013-_chartbuilderArticle: It’s not just Ohio—poisonous algae blooms now plague 20 US states (Quartz)

“Lake Erie is notorious for its algal blooms. But it’s hardly the only body of water in the US that sees these ecological catastrophes in the summer of 2013 alone.”

Canadian Concerns: