Storm Water Program

The Storm Water Program strives to keep storm water and the pollution it carries out of the sewers as much as possible.  Point sources are regulated, and non-point sources can be protected from damaging the waterways through the use of Rain Gardens.  With rain gardens, stormwater and pollutants are not only kept out of the lake, but the nutrients contained in the runoff are utilized to grow a garden and beautify the area.   In addition, keeping Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) out of the sewage systems is essential, because these substances can clog up the pipes and cause more overflows, and not just into the waterways – they can also cause backups in the city, parks, yards and so on.   For more information on the Storm Water Program, including current plan and more details on Rain Gardens, check Toledo’s page on the storm water program as well as the page about FOG.

Infographic courtesy of Ohio EPA Pubic Interest Center

Infographic courtesy of Ohio EPA Pubic Interest Center

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